The Enlightening Soul with Shelley Young

#15 | Angel Signs

July 24, 2023 Shelley Young Episode 15
The Enlightening Soul with Shelley Young
#15 | Angel Signs
Show Notes

It’s Metaphysical Monday! Today I would like to talk about how to deepen your relationship with the angels through angel signs.

Angel signs are a wonderful way to experience your connection with the angels without needing any specific spiritual skills or mediumship abilities. They can show up in many ways. In fact, the angels truly enjoy coming up with creative ways to show you they are near and love to watch your reaction when you see the sign they have placed on your path!

Angel signs can show up in so many ways! They are tangible proof that the angels are listening and always there to love and serve you. Common signs associated with angels are finding feathers, the appearance of cardinals, angel songs, the word angel showing up in unexpected places, coming across artwork or statues that are angelic in nature, angel shaped clouds, and so many more.

But they can also appear in ways that are specific to you. Ask the angels for a sign they are with you and watch what shows up! They may decide that dragonflies are your special indicator, or another insect, bird, creature, or element from nature.

I have had so many wonderful signs show up in so many different ways. You can always tell an angel sign because they catch your attention and they feel special and rather otherworldly. The other day I was walking to my car, which I keep parked in the garage. When I got back from running errands, there was a large fluffy white feather right where I walk to get back in the house. It just wasn’t there when I left and the garage was closed the whole time I was gone. Of course it felt magical so I kept it!

When I was driving to move from Canada to the US, I was praying as I drove for a sign that I was doing the right thing. Not much happened for the first 7 hours of my trip, but suddenly there was the biggest, most vibrant rainbow I’d ever seen. Then a few miles down the road there was another one. And another one. And another one! There were a total of 7 rainbows that I saw, one after the other. It was completely reassuring and an absolutely amazing experience.

Another time I was on a road trip and asked the angels for a sign and a short while later an eagle showed up and flew right along side my car. Yet another time I was road tripping and asked the angels for a sign and about an hour later a car passed me with the license plate that said dr angel. I highly recommend inviting the angels to join you as you travel!

But you certainly don’t need to travel to connect with the angels. Simply ask them to make their presence known by giving you a sign and pay attention to what shows up. It is such a lovely way to see how loved and supported you really are and to make them a part of your day to day life, no special skills, rituals, or level of attainment required.

The more you realize and use the supports that have always been in place for you, the deeper your faith and trust becomes which will start to shift your life in the most marvellous ways. The angels are just waiting for you to open yourself up to acknowledge them and let them in. If you haven’t already, today would be a great day to ask for a sign and start to develop that wonderful relationship that will only grow and deepen with time.

Music used with permission and written by: Carol Dinalo Hall

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